"3rd Year Anniversary inbound!"


Hey there everybody! hope you all are having a wonderful Halloween!

I know I've been gone for a while, a lot of things happened in life that just...really bogged me down.

BUT THIS IS NOT THE END OF BOXCAR CITY, once I'm primed to work again I'm gonna come back full force.

I sorta treat this blog area as my little diary, maybe a time capsule of sorts that I can look back to what state of mind I'm in.

I've been through a lot of just, traumatic experiences lately, near death type stuff, feel like I'm in a hole I'm desperately trying to climb out of.

Thank you again to all the people funding the comic via patreon and keeping the site up!

Keep going strong everyone! Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!

Also be sure to check me out on twitter @GENC____ for more updates to come, and general updates!

See you next time, adios amigos!