"CHAPTER 1;Page.9"

Gotta dress for the job!


NEW PAGE. Was surprisingly more fun to work on than I expected haha.

Char's over here getting ready to juuuuuust about head outside of her house. Don't worry guys we're getting there!

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I've been going through juuuuuuust a tiny bit of a rough spot lately in life, not gonna disclose info here, BUT if you follow me on twitter you might see me post a little something the day after this page goes up!

Patreon button still doesn't link to patreon, soon though...soon. ALSO AS OF WRITING THIS POST I'VE REACHED 7000+ FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER WOW!! JUST LAST WEEK I HIT 3000. I owe it all to the discovery of a cute obscure Hungarian cartoon gal, Jucika! Twitter this week has been blowing up cause of her (in due part to yours truly haha.) If you're a follower of mine on here, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND FOR YOUR KIND WORDS. Look forward to more things in the future

As always friends, UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY

Adios, Amigos.