"CHAPTER 1;Page.10"

Photo Opp #01


Despite dealing with the flu, and insurance, Boxcar City RUSH LIVES ON!!

The door to exit the apartment is right there! Char's on her way to work!

As always, ENJOY THE COMMENTS SECTION. I promise you guys I read and love all of them, thank you so much for enjoying the comic enough to write about it!

I went through a bit of a financial crisis lately, BUT I opened up commissions and filled them all out UNDER 24 HOURS! My financial issues have been softened a bit. This website was actually almost at risk of being taken down haha!

Patreon button still doesn't link to patreon, soon though...soon...I'm thinking at 2020 I'll be opening up Patreon so that hopefully BCCR can be self sustaining. Who knows, if I get enough support I can do BCCR full time, that'd be a dream of mine to upload 2-3 pages a week while still being financially comfortable. Ah well though, that's a discussion for another time. As always check out my twitter for updates on both BCCR as well as a chance to get a piece commissioned done by *yours truly* Or just enjoy my twitter shenanegins.


Adios, Amigos.