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Little Ghost at the Tracks



Charlotte really outta be more careful, she can be a bit impatient with crowds and always stumbles her way around them!

TWO MORE WEEKS AND IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME! Hope you've all been good girls and guys. Keep an eye out on my twitter next week, I might have something ready for you guys!

This week for me has been a bit hectic haha, working on storyboards, job offers coming in and not following through. The life of the artist am I right? No worries though, no matter what forever more, Boxcar City RUSH shall always update on Thursdays. Never gonna miss a week.

The Video Game Awards are happening later today, I've been having a chuckle all day today over the nominees. If you wanted my opinion however, Devil May Cry 5 wins game of the decade. As always follow me on twitter to keep up with my happenings, art outside of the comic, and my responses to things (Such as the VGAs)

As always friends, thanks for reading, UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY!

Adios, Amigos.


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