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Kiddie Things


Still a child at heart no matter what she thinks.

NEW PAGE. Sorry for the lateness, at least it's still within the midnight hour!

NEXT WEEK IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME. Nothing special is gonna happen in BCCR during that time, but be sure to check out my twitter for new happenings!

Today was a bit of a crazy day for me, lots of things happening, birthdays to celebrate, commissions to open up (as of this writing, they're still open, check twitter)

Don't really have much to say, if you celebrate christmas, merry christmas! If not, hope you enjoy the coming break. Take time off, relax, read some BCCR! I plan on trying a few new things in the next weeks to come, so please keep your patience!

Thanks for reading, UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY!

Adios, Amigos.