"CHAPTER 1;Page.16"

Three Flying Crows


"Where will the mind go, when reality betrays it?"

Ghost Kid lost their costume! I wonder what's underneath to cause Charlotte to react like this...

WELP ANYWAYS, HERE'S ANOTHER THURSDAY COME AND GONE, and of course a new page of BCCR! Next week I might end up posting the page on Wednsday evening instead of Midnight EST since I'll be away from my house at that time on Wednsday, and I'll probably be driving during midnight so I can't reasonably upload it midnight on the dot, but at the very least I can get it out earlier!

Struggled a bit with this page, but hope ya'll like it! This little ghost kid mini-arc is going to close out soon, will we see ghost kid again?

This year probably in another 6 months or so (around July) I'm gonna really try and push for 2 pages a week for BCCR so you guys can get to the meat of the story sooner, see more characters (And not be stuck with week long cliffhangers like this page heheh) I'm always looking to improve, figure out a workflow that works for BCCR, and move forward with the story. Always pressing forward! Always moving! That's the spirit of Boxcar City RUSH after all!

Appreciate the read, everyone old and new, UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY!

Adios, Amigos.


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