"CHAPTER 1;Page.17"

Three Eyes Begging You to Look Away


"For your own sanity, please...look away..."

Here is Ghost Kid's true form, things are picking up for a bit.

Not much to say this week, your boy is on the job hunt, looking for storyboard work anywhere that's willing to hire me really. Preferably in NYC or LA, don't wanna seem like a beggar on here, but it would absolutely mean the world if you can spread my name around, doubly so if you got any industry connecs.

Anywho, these next few pages are gonna be a little fun and experimental, hope you guys enjoy!

OH RIGHT, I FORGOT, BCCR IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Doesn't mean much now, but in the future it might. Stay tuned! Follow me on twitter (click the bird above this post) for any and all updates regarding how the comic is gonna move forward, as well as my other art and personal happenings.

Many thanks for sticking it through and reading so far! SEE YOU NEXT THURSDAY!

Adios, Amigos.


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