"CHAPTER 1;Page.19"

"It feels familiar..."


BACK TO THURSDAY UPDATES. Oh thursday, how I missed ya!

Ghost Kid wound up being something far beyond Char's understanding. This is gonna be the last page we see this mysterious figure for a long time...

In other news I've been in a huge Arctic Monkey's kick this past week. I've been ramping up my storyboard game, familiarity with programs, as well as setting up commissions for twitter, all sold out within a day! I'll see what I can do on opening commissions more often, but it's a lot of work that cuts into production on BCCR a bit, but NO WORRIES. This comic will update every thursday guaranteed til the day I die! (or finish the story haha)

Anyways I hope you like the page! I had a lot of fun with this one, and the upcoming page is gonna be neat!

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