"CHAPTER 1;Page.25"

"Back to the Waking World"


And with this, I can officially say that this is the final page for this mini arc for Char on her way to work. What's the dreaming world? How is it different from the "waking" world? TONS OF MYSTERY, but for now it's not too important, all it will be is this uncomfortably familiar feeling in the back of Char's mind...for now WE GOTTA GET OUR GIRL TO WORK!

Anywho, current events time! This COVID-19 virus is starting to make states go on curfews, as well as limiting services like restaurants and stuff. As of the time of writing this NYC (where I'm currently living) still has an operational subway system, with talks of a potential curfew on our good ol' MTA train system. Yours truly is mostly staying home during this time, no reason to go out if I can help it. Take care of the family however I can.

Just a general rule of thumb in these trying times: Don't panic, being worried is fine, but try to not be stressed!

Being stressed can make you sick, and can affect judgement where you would need it "critical situations" so please be cautious, but never stressed!

I wish you all good luck in these trying times!

The best I can do is update this comic and provide ya'll with a tiny bit of entertainment!

I'll see you next Thursday, Adios Amigos!