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SORRY FOR THE WEEK DELAY! If you've been following my Twitter you'd know that I was having some ISP issues these past couple weeks, ya know the deal, ISP thinks you missed a payment, cuts your service, takes almost two weeks to fix, same old same old!

BUT ANYWAYS, Char's in the precinct! She meets up with the receptionist, turns out he's pretty busy!

In other news I played and beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I think it's a phenomenal game, easily one of the best Action JRPG's of all time. I love what it's doing with the original Final Fantasy 7 story and put in twists and turns along the way. I also finally played and beat, and even perfect ranked all of Viewtiful Joe Double Trouble on the DS, a great little gem to fill the Viewtiful Joe void in the world! If you have a DS and ever come across it, I highly recommend it. A bit janky at first, but it will grow on you quickly, worth at least a couple of playthroughs, short and sweet sorta game.

Again, many thanks for keeping up with my comic! Chapter 1 should be finished either May or June, keep an eye out for news on my end. Hope you enjoy the plethora of new characters coming into the story very soon!

Much love, stay safe guys.

See you next week, Adios Amigos!